Is it too late to correct the biggest mistake of my life?

While drowning in a mess of sorrow and grief, I lost the only woman I ever loved. I didn’t realize what I’d done until it was too late.

Thea still owned my thoughts, my dreams, and my heart. I never expected to see her again, much less have to work with her for almost the entire summer.

I should’ve fought for her years ago, and after how much I hurt her, I probably don’t have the right to now.

But I can’t stop until she’s mine again.

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Series: N/A

My Rating:★★★

I have not read this authors books before and I am glad I have. Normally I am not a fan of swoony, second chance romances. I like my books fucking with my moral compass thoroughly. The rougher, the dirtier, the darker and mor fucked up the better. But I fancies a change of pace, so I picked this one up.

Dominic is reeling from the death of his mother and he does not cope with it very well. As a result, he pushes Thea away who is supposedly the love of his life. When he finally gets his head out of his bum and tried to remedy his mistakes, it seems its too late. So, he moves on…until fate takes pity on him and put Thea in her path again. But will she forgive him?

Thea Kelly was left devastated when Dominic walked out on her, leaving her nursing a heartache and a very big loss. Having tried to move on, (got engaged to a childhood friend), she finally accepts that her heart belongs to Dominic. So, when she finds herself at Dominic’s path, she is not ready for the reawakening of old feelings that she thought were healed. And apparently Dominic has no intention of letting her go, but does she want that?

Okay…my 2 cents? I loved both characters, but the story lacked something for me. What that is I’m not sure. I suspect it’s the drama. There just was not enough drama but that’s just personal preference. And I don’t feel like I knew the characters well at all. I thought Thea let her feelings for Dom cloud her “anger” and it took Dom’s hook up to light a fire under her. I thought that was ridiculous and to be honest. She claims to be hurt and angry and then one dinner and she’s all over him like what on rice.

I thought she should have made him sweat and grovel a bit longer. But hey, maybe I’m just a mean bitch. Anyway, it’s not a bad story. If swoony, second chance romances are your thing, then this is for you.

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