Nathan Mercer, the only man in my life.

Falling for him was never an option.

We met ten years ago, when we started at the same company on the same day.

With being new in town and nobody else to rely on, we quickly became friends.

And while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco, I’m still doing the same job with the same people.

We finish each other’s sentences, we spend Christmas together and he sleeps at my house more than his.

He’s beautiful…. beyond belief.

In another life, he’s probably my soul mate.

However, lately things have changed. He’s started looking at me differently.

His eyes drop to my lips as I speak.

His hugs are tighter…. longer.

Our fights are more passionate, his jealousy insane.

I know it’s all in my head….it has to be.

They say to never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.

I don’t, to him I’m a queen.

But our story is complicated.

And as much as I love Nathan Mercer with all of my heart.

He’s the one man I can never have.

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Series: N/A

My Rating:★★★★

You know I fucks with my Swan heavily. Her inner dialogs always give me life. I had to take a beat before I reviewed this book. I LOVED every minute of it and it had me engaged from page 1. But there are somethings about it that had me…shall we say perplexed. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Nathan Mercer…

Tall, dark and handsome, 34 year old, highly successful cardiologist, is every woman and man’s wet dream. For as long as he has been dating, he’s always been interested in men…until he wasn’t?

Okay, I do not know enough about conversions to have a strong opinion on this. But does it really happen like that? Just wake up one day with your “what the fuck face” on questioning your whole identity? I don’t know but that’s one of the things that had me all fucked Up.

Anyway, he’s head over heels with his best friend of 10 years Eliza Bennet. Eliza is a nurse and has been friends with Nathan for so long, he’s practically a brother at this point. They spend so much together, they practically live together. When Nathan suddenly goes through an “awakening”, they move from the friend zone and become lovers. Since they know each other so well, it doesn’t take long before they’re head over heels in love with each other. Ofcourse their friends, and society in general are very sceptical of this relationship and question Nathan’s sexuality and intentions. As a result, Nathan and Eliza go their separate ways. But their passion is palpable. When they fought you couldn’t help but be engaged in their fight. They went in. Nathan was a bit over the top jealous, but then again, I love my book-men territorial like that so I was here for it.

They’re both so stubborn and so there’s a lot of back and forth between them. It was infuriating, like

I love the ease with which the book read. The story was engaging and flowed very well. I did wonder though why Eliza’s family wasn’t featured much. And considering Nathan’s history, I was surprised that only one person questioned Nathan’s conversion and intentions. Note I said question, not judge. It was a complex subject I think as you can see from the reviews, but I loved it.

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