Who says you have to play by the rules to get what you want?

Agreeing to meet Ryker Lockhart is my first mistake. Rich, handsome, and more than intriguing, he thinks blackmail will bend me to his will.

But he’s wrong.

I may have done a few things that weren’t exactly legal, but I have my own reasons for that. The last thing I’m going to do is let some high-powered divorce attorney come into my life, have my body, and rule my heart. Not to mention ruin everything that I have carefully built in just a short amount of time.

But as much as I try to resist him, and against my better judgment, there is something about him that has me agreeing to his proposal.

I’m putting everything on the line for him. I just hope I won’t lose everything when this is all over.

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Series: Wicked Ways

My Rating: ♥♥♥.5

I am having a really had time writing this review. Normally when I see Ms Bromberg’s books I know I’m going to be fan-girling the heck out over the book. I have mixed emotions over this one. If you’re into alpha-holes and a little bit of friends-to enemy kinda loving, then this is for you.

“No matter how good a relationship starts, it always turns to shit. Always. And then they’ll take you to the cleaners-financially and emotionally-until you’ve got nothing left. “

Ryker Lockhart is a successful divorce attorney who has seen far too many marriages crash and burn, bringing grown man to their knees too many a time. Naturally he’s sworn off anything that resembles commitment. So it’s no surprise when, like every rich, commit-phobia, he enlists the help of an escort service to satisfy his sexual needs with no strings attached. Of course he’s used to always having what he wants on his terms. So when the girl he chooses suddenly becomes unavailable, he demands that the madam of the service takes her place.

“… This man in particular knows too much about me. He sees me too well. He makes me feel when I don’t feel.”

When her sister suddenly dies, Vaughn finds herself saddles with a debt that forces her to pursue a rather unorthodox line of work. Although it grades against everything she wants, her main priority is her niece and she is determined to do whatever is necessary to get custody of her. One thing she knows for sure is that sex sells. There’s a demand for it, so it makes good business. So when divorce attorney Ryker comes to her for her services, she sees dollar signs from his aggrieved newly-divorced clients. The last thing she expected was to find herself caught in his cross-wires.

Vaughn is strong but you can’t deny the vulnerability that lies underneath all that steel platted front. She’s burdened by her plans and a past that she can’t remember but has somehow seeped into her present.

Rykers stubbornness borders on a sense of entitlement. He’s rich and handsome, so is used to women tripping over themselves to get his attention. So when Vaughn tells him no, he’s less than pleased. Nonetheless, the power struggle between them makes for a pleasant and captivating game of cat and mouse. The characters were multi-layered and Vaughn especially had some depth to her. I don’t feel like I got to know Ryker really well. Although his narrative was included, the book spent a lot more time in Vaughn’s head. So I hope the next book gives a bit more insight into him.

There were enough some secrets and some twists to keep you captivated and wondering. But just as I was thinking, finally they got their shit together

That freaking cliff-hanger.

As I said I’m a bit so –so on this book. On one hand there is absolutely no question regarding Ms Bromberg’s writing skills. And on the other hand, I suppose as the title suggests, there was a lot of resistance of the feelings they had for one another. It did get frustrating at some point, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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