The words, Catherine’s debt paid in full are something I never thought would leave my mouth.
I’ve struggled back and forth, battling within myself for the man I am and the man who demands restitution.

Decision made. The future is mine.

True happiness may be unattainable but by the time I’m done, I will have everything I want and need. Jolie thinks life with me has been hard; she has no idea of the sacrifice she’ll have to make in the end.

One way or another, all my problems will be resolved, and I dare anyone to get in my way.


In seeking his revenge, Shane will accomplish the one thing that sixteen years of separation couldn’t do. He will destroy my love for him. He will make me hate him.

People say life comes around full circle. Well, here I am, back to where it all began, back to where I was so desperate to escape.

Only, I’m not that young girl anymore. I’m a sad excuse of her, wanting the girl I used to be back. Her edge. Her fire. Her fight.
Not want. Need. I need the old Jolie if I am ever to survive.

One way or another, I will resolve all of my past, knowing I fought for my son.

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Series: Youngblood #4

My Rating:★★★★⋆

“Gabriel wont touch what is mine. Make no mistake, Jolie. No matter how many years or how much distance you put between us, you were and always will be, mine”.

So, we start where we left off with Jolie and Shanes story in this third book of their trilogy. So let’s get to it.

Shane is still pissed off with Jolie but his anger is not as intense as it was in book 2. I suspect its because hes finally come up with a plan for revenge. If you’ve read the first 3 books, you’d know Shane is a ruthless, bone fide mafia captain. So when he speaks of revenge I expect its going to be some violent act of revenge. Actually, at some point I was convinced he was going to send her back to the Johnson’s. But no, that’s not it, but well get to that later.

Jolie, Jolie, Jolie. Listen I get it. She feels really guilty and all that shit and wants to appease Shane so she lets him get away with some fucked up shit. At some point I was getting tired of it. I thought

I get that Shane is upset, feels betrayed and all that. But really? She was just a spectator in her own life and it really started to piss me off. At some point she was just plain ridiculous. Do y’all remember that she’s sworn up and down that she didn’t want Sean walking in Shane’s life? Apparently, all it took for her to change her mind was some idiot making a comment that they weren’t scared of him!

Also, I don’t get that shit. How could someone treat you so bad but the minute they get close to you, you forget that they just belittled you and your body suddenly gets hot for him and suddenly you can’t help but hump him? But apparently, Shane has

Anyway, I digress, we keep going with the story and Shane’s revenge plan is revealed.

In that moment, Shane became



Who does that? What kind of revenge is that? Seriously, that was a

but ofcourse he doesn’t see anything wrong with that. His main objective s to inflict maximum pain on Jolie, consequences be damned

Oh poor Jodie but finally she gets her shit together and when she finally stood up to Shame in that restaurant I was like

finally, she grew some lady balls and honey let me just say, them bitches were hanging low with all that bad-assery. Apparently, that what Shane needed to get his head out of his ass.

I must admit towards the end, I fell in love with Shane, when Jolie finally put her cards on the table and Shane finally admitted he loves her, this was me

Do yourself a favour and read this series. This is a 5* read although I knocked half a star off because of Jolie and Shane’s back and forth got to me. I couldn’t take it much longer. Hands down one of the best reads of 2020 so far.

“I can’t…I…I can breathe when you’re not here”.

“I’m scared. I swear Jo, if you leave me, I don’t think I can survive it again”.

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