Why and how of my reviews:

Generally I will strive not to say a bad thing about anyone’s work. I don’t watch TV (no beef with it, just don’t watch it) so I read instead. I am a fast reader so in a week I read anywhere from 3-5 books. Therefore some of the books I’ve read in that week will go unreviewed (is this a word? Well it should be). Not because they’re “bad” per se but they’re very likely not my cup of tea. It takes quite a considerable amount of time to review a book and I’m going to need a bloody good reason to write that review. So those unreviewed book just remain, unreviewed. I will mark them as read on goodreads and that will be that.

So you will find that most of books are rated 4 or 5 with the occasional 3. I strive to read a debut author’s book once a month and these books, because I am a nice person and I do not want to crash anyone’s spirit (yes, I have a high opinion of myself), these will likely be in the 3 star category.

Although I will strive to review recently released books, I will also review old publications too. This will happen often if I read a new author and like them so much that I decide to read everything they’ve ever written. This is what happened with Jodi Ellen Malpas and Meghan March.

Now listen, although I fancy myself all knowing, these reviews a simply my opinion and they should be treated as such. They will differ from other reviewers and readers so let’s all be respectful of each other.

Advance Reading Copies:

I am more than happy to review ARC before publication date. Apart from these, which will be clearly marked as such, all other books are acquired at my own expense. Regardless of their source, I will review them honestly and genuinely. I am not paid or compensated for my reviews in any way so you can rest assured that all that’s written about the book is truly because I believe so.


  • 5 Star: Dog’s bollocks

Books rated in this category are basically the dog’s bollocks. It likely means the book stayed with me for days after completion and that I am likely to have had wet dreams about the alpha. This rating will also be indicative of a well written story that flowed very well; had me engaged and neglectful of all chores. It will definitely end up in my favourite list. An example of such a book is The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

  • 4 star: Adored

Books rated in this category are those that I thought were so good that I struggled to put it down. They will however have small details that robbed me of something. E.g. the grammar, spelling or a character that was either not adequately developed, I didn’t related or, the story itself just took a bizarre turn somewhere.  They are very likely to be found in my recommendation list.

  • 3 Star: I liked it

This category will be awarded to books that I liked enough to finish but didn’t quite suck me in. Either because the story was a bit far-fetched, undeveloped, the writing style or the story-line was not for me and left me wanting or the characters were not adequately developed. I am likely to recommend this book to someone else though.

  • 2 star: Struggled

Books rated in this category are those that I really struggled to complete. This could either be due to the story line not resonating with me, characters flawed somehow or any other reason. Even though I finished the book, it will likely be because I’ve already started. I may not offer a review on this book at all and provide a rating of “2” on goodreads.

  • 1 star: Did not finish

Although I will strive not to review books in this category, this will be for those that I couldn’t finish. Even though I may not provide a review for it, I may rate is as “1” on goodreads without my review.