He wants to ruin her. She wants to save him.

Hadley Rexford was a distraction I didn’t need. But when she discovers me with blood on my hands, I know I can’t walk away without demanding her silence.

I’ll taint her.
Torment her.
In the end, I’ll ruin her.

Cole Jagger was a puzzle I wanted to solve. But he refuses to let me in, and now I’m ensnared in his trap.

He’s cold.
In the end, he‘ll break me.

She might think I’m worthy of salvation, but I’m on a one way trip straight to hell, and if she’s not careful….

I’ll drag her right along with me.

Taint Her is a dark high school bully romance. If possessive, immoral, dirty-talking alphaholes aren’t your thing, you probably won’t like this book.

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Series: Rebels at Sterling Prep #3

My Rating: ★★★★

OMG! I have to say I loved Cole’s story more than I did Ace’s story. It was fast paced, engaging, kept you guessing and in suspense but not so much that you lost the will to live waiting for the big reveal.  Caitlyn blew my mind with this one.

If you read the first 2 books in the series you’ll remember (if you haven’t, get your shit together) Cole Jagger as Ace’s broody, moody, dark, quiet and mysterious younger brother. If you thought Ace was a bad-ass you’re in for a shocker.

Anyway, if you read the last book, you’ll remember that Hadley finds Cole in a rather compromising position. On top of his childhood traumas, the recent revelations from the last book regarding his parental lineage, send him completely off the deep end if that possible. He’s harbouring darkness and keeping secrets from his siblings that have been eating him alive for years and the latest aren’t helping. He’s decided he’s tarnished and undressing of love. So, when Hadley wiggles her way into his armour, he’s refuses to let that drop so easily. And fight he does. He’s crass, cruel, mean to her, but there’s no denying his feelings for her. Her darkness seems to be calling to his.

Hadley Rexford seems your typical spoilt, rich kid, only-heir brat. Yet she is anything but. She’s broken, hurting, and fighting string feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and rejection. When she finds Cole seemingly in a world of trouble, she offers help but from then on she can’t seem to get over him. She has secrets of her own and one of Cole’s and he seeks to balance the scales by finding out her secrets to make sure she keeps his. In their tag of war back and forth, they finally get their shit together, but when Hadley betrays Cole (or so he think) so Cole starts to pull away again…until Hadley gets hurt and Cole finally gets his shit together.

OKAY- now my thoughts. Teenagers are strange creatures. So, when Hadley suspect how Cole came to be covered in blood, she’s not appalled like the rest of us mere mortals. No, she’s turned on… so much so that she decides right there and then, she wants him.

Anyway, those Jagger twins do some weird-ass shit. So does Hadley to be fair. I get that the scene in the last book was probably experimental. You know, sharing and stuff, but when Hadley got hurt and Conner was suppose to make her feel better because Cole was too wound up to do it, that blew my mind…and she allowed it?

THE SECRETS. I want to know Hadley’s secrets, because there is no way in hell that story about Tim is the end Caitlyn. When she started panicking about her period or lack thereof and let something about her past slip to Remi, and she caught herself before she said the whole thing I thought

But did she?

I mean why would she? Authors just love torturing us with cliffhangers.

I cant wait for the next book. Hopefully well learn more about her secrets. Unfortunately the questions I had in the previous books were not answered, especially regarding James and his girl and why on earth they never seem to be around to see what their children are up to.

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