Love is angry. Love is blind.
Love is envious and loathful.
And I loathed Léo Baudin. My new art professor. My enemy.
I didn’t move to Rhode Island for this. I came to forget the Troian Milanovic I’d left behind and start fresh where the damage and betrayal couldn’t follow.
But Professor Baudin wouldn’t let me.

Cold. Caustic. Captivating. He didn’t just push my buttons…
He lit them all up with the indifferent smirk of an aristocratic French asshole.
But how much I loathed him only made my need for him stronger. To have him would be either victory or loss. There would be no compromise.
To have him would be war.

So I fought back. But I was Troy, and he was the wooden horse, full of dangerous secrets I never saw coming.
I was the one who invited him inside my walls, celebrating without seeing through his disguise. And under the cover of darkness, he laid siege to my body, my mind, and finally, my heart.

The first may be a myth, but this time the history books would show that if Troy fell, it was with her all.

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Series: Odyssey Duet

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥+

“Ce n’est pas possible, ma petite.That is not possible, my darling. I am broken. There is no freedom for a man like me.”

First I’d like to take this opportunity to tell all my social media “friends” who read this book before me, YOU SUCK FOR NOT TELLING ME ABOUT THIS BOOK SOONER!! SHAME ON YOU. YOU’RE TERRIBLE FRIENDS. And I hope you suffered greatly with anticipation while waiting for the next book.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…Can we please have a moment of silence for all the years I’ve lost before I discovered Dr Rebecca Sharp.

Once again I find myself cursing whoever came up with the 5star rating system. It’s not enough dammit. I need more stars. I have no words to describe what I just experienced. Yes EXPERIENCED because this was more than just a read. So I’m going to do you a favour and give you as little as possible in this review so you can experience this story for yourself. I’m a newbie to Jessica sharps books, and I’m here contemplating what the fuck I’ve been doing with my life that’s  kept me from reading her books. This is the best student/teacher romances I’ve ever read.

The suspense, the erotic, emotional, the unputdownable-ness (is that a word?). Well it now.

“If there was ever a look that could produce the same kind of release as an orgasm, it was this one-the one where what you were searching for was found, the one where the unknown became known, and the one that made every single cell in your body come alive.”

Troian Milanovic to the outside world is an 18 year old very well put together. A daughter to prestigious academic, excellent grades, impressive aspirations, maturity beyond her years. But inside, she’s hollow, drying a slow and painful death, which she handles with grace. But behind this veil of perfection, lies a lost girl, broken and screaming for attention and suffering from a complex case of inadequacy. It only takes one act of betrayal by those she loves for the veil to come down and damn near kills her in the process. When she decides to move in with her mom, she is angry, vengeful and the only thing she is interested in is punishing those who’ve wronged her. She feels so lost, alone, untethered, unstable; until she locks eyes with his deep blues. In there she finds her innermost secrets reflected back at her. Fear of inadequacy, lonely, anger, damage, and self-loathing. With her life in disarray, she’s looking for an anchor, she’s looking for herself, but never did she think it will be in him that she finds it.

“The magnetic intensity of hatred burst through my veins for the man with the sea of sadness in his eyes. I wanted the sea. I wanted his beautiful melancholy. I wanted to drown in its comforting depts. Instead, all I had was an anger that I shoved deep down inside like a boat stuck in a bottle.”

Although at first sight what she saw of herself in him pissed her off, she wants more. She wants him. So she pursues him. Shamelessly. With everything in the arsenal the good Lord gave to women. Defiance, beauty, sex appeal, charisma.

“Troain Milanovi.
She was a fight of anger and lust. No. Not a fight. She was a battle.
She was the kind of momentous, life-altering battle I had to win, because the loss would be the kind told as legend for centuries to come. “

Professor Leo Baudin; art extraordinaire, French, sexy, rude, callous, angry, frustrated, self-destructive, heart-broken. When an incident with a student ends with Leo in an American college in an attempt to salvage what’s left of his reputation back in France, all he wants is wallow in self-pity, drink himself into a stupor and be left alone. The last thing he needs is the little pixie that steam-rolls herself into his life. Fight as he might, rightly or wrongly, he needs her like his next breath, like a life raft in a storm but he can’t risk her future. So what does he do? Continue to suffocate and drown in his own misery or cling to her like his life depended on it because it does?

“For the first time in many months, I reached for my leather scratch book that I almost hadn’t brought with me at all and let out onto the paper all of the feelings that I could never unleash on her. I would fight my attraction to her. I would fight my desire. I would even fight my need to possess her pain. But if I wasn’t careful, troy would be the battle to bring me to my knees.”

The story was written in first person POV from both sides and that made it for me. As much as I loved being in Troy’s head I was so glad to have gotten a glimpse into Leo’s head. You get to see him killing himself trying to stay away from Troy. The real battle between the heart and head is evident on each page but you know its only inevitable that he succumbs to the attraction. But the whole time I was like

How are they going to do it?

“This is all I think about. In class. At the coffee shop. At my apartment. In my office. Awake. Asleep. I think about your swollen little cunt sucking on my cock. I think about how I’d break every rule-every person-who kept me away from you. From fucking you. Only you. All the time. It should feel wrong. It should. Je te deteste. I loathe you because it doesn’t.”

Reading this book felt like watching someone run of a cliff in slow motion. You feel like you can get to them on time to stop them but you know you can’t really stop them. As I was reading all I was thinking was they’re not going make it; they’ve got some really treacherous terrain to navigate. At the same time I kept thinking dammit, but I’ll lend them my 4×4 to get them there. So instead, I

Dr Sharp took two broken people and weaved a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat blend of emotional, erotic, unforgettable forbidden love riddled with so many “what the fuck are they going to do” moments.

Again, if you’ve read my reviews before you know how much I love pantie soaking, headboard banging books.

And home girl wrote the shit out of those sex scenes.

“You had your chance, ma petite. Now, I’m going you fuck you the I’ve been needing to-the way that brands every inch of you. I’m going to fuck you so deep, Troy, you’ll wonder if I’ll ever be able to find my way out and then, when you are screaming my name as I dent you womb, I’m going to come inside you.”


This book…I can’t recommend it enough. It will stay with me for a very long time. Hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read in 2019. And that says a lot considering I got through 4-5 books a week.

“I don’t want sunshine and rainbows romance. I want earth-quaking and sky-splitting love.”

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