In the shadow of a metropolis, there lives a dynasty that is tearing apart at the very seams…

After the sudden brutal death that shook the Chicago Outfit to the core, the balance of the Rocchetti family has never been so unstable. Not only is each Rocchetti determined to gain more power for themselves, but their enemies are also gunning for the organisation.

Sophia Rocchetti is struggling through early motherhood, while also dealing with her family’s turmoil. Along with her husband, Alessandro ‘The Godless’ Rocchetti, the two are forced to go to lengths they never thought themselves capable of in order to ensure their family’s survival.

With opponents at every corner, Sophia must use everything she has and everything she has learnt to ensure her reign over Chicago. Will she succeed or will the Rocchetti Dynasty finally come to an end?

The final book in The Rocchetti Dynasty trilogy.

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Series: The Rocchetti Dynasty #3

My Rating: ★★★⋆

I LOVED books 1 and 2 of these series so I was waiting for this conclusion with much anticipation. I have to say, Bree’s writing style in this book has changed for the better compared to the first two, and I’m here for it.

This book picks up from where book 2 ended following Don Piero’s death and focuses on who therefore becomes the new Dom. Sophia has grown up a lot from the last books. She’s grown from a fearful and whinny girl to a woman who embraces herself fully; flaws and all. This serves her ambition and that of her husband very well.

Alessandro is not your typical mafia man (not sure what to make of that yet). I love that he listened to his wife, took heed of her advice and allowed her to take charge where her strengths lied. He’s dangerous demeanour, and broody nature compliments Sophia’s talkativeness, charming, manipulative and cut-throat nature. This combination proves to be what is necessary in their fight for power.

This book is definitely different from what I’ve come to expect from a mafia book. Normally, the activities of the underworld are so otherworldly that you can’t even fathom. But Bree managed to incorporate reality-or atleast as realism and relatability into this world as possible and I’m here for it. However, there were some things that happened that I thought…

One scene in particular was when Sophia walked into her sister’s place of work like she owned it. You mean to tell me, people can work with someone for that many years and still not be able to tell them apart from someone else-no matter how much they looked alike? And these weren’t no ordinary people. These were the FBI!!!!

Anyway, there were so many unanswered questions and sometimes what seemed like characters falling off the cliff. For example, when Nora answered her mom’s phone, I expected Aisling to be in big trouble-atleast by Mafia standards considering she lied. Or maybe mistresses are not held to the same moral standard? Also how does they mafia take in someone they evidently know nothing about? I would have thought Toto would know everything down to the brand of tampons Aisling used, because…well he’s mafia… Vying for the position of Don no less.

How she managed to hide a child- a whole human being of school age AND get away with it! is beyond me. Anyway, she seemingly just scurried off and her son pops up at the end of the book. Honestly, I thought the supporting characters were not very well developed. There was a lot of them too. However, maybe it was intentional on Bree’s apart as it sets up for so many spin-off stories. Dante Rocchetti and Aurelia Di Traglia, Nero and Ophelia, Toto the terrible and Aisling, even Catherine and Dupont.

I definitely recommend this series. I loved every minute of it. Rocchetti Queen is book 3 of the Rocchetti Dynasty and is not stand-alone. Book 1 -The Bloody Bride and Book 2-Principessa of Chicago must be read before this.

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