The anticipated conclusion in the Massey Security Duet

I lived life on my terms, keeping people at a distance for a reason.I rebelled every chance I got, shutting down any sensibilities that remained. But then danger swallowed me whole, and all I wished for was a different life.A life where I listened to the concerns of those who loved me.A life that had meaning. A life where I could follow my dream of becoming a designer. Secrets would be revealed.Lies would be uncovered.But could I see beyond the deception?And could I step away from the past and emerge on the other side intact?

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Series: Massey Security Duet #2

My Rating: ♥♥.5

The score is book 2 of the Massey Security Duet which continues Cara and Ford’s story from book one The Assignment. You definitely have you read book one as this is a continuation of that book.

This might be yet another book that everybody loves and I’m just like:

Anyway, I know it won’t come as a surprise to know that I love books with plenty of smut smut. And if I was to rate this book on that alone I’m afraid it would be a 1. However, because I had read book one, I wasn’t really expecting it in this one, so not really in my feelings about it. There is no doubt that S Nelson is a talented writer and I am certain that I will read more of her books in future. But did this series live up to my expectation? Did the Score? No and yes. No because I initially went into it expecting a juicy story of some craziness and drama-balls being dropped all over the place; just from reading the blurb. But I didn’t get any of that in book one, so I wasn’t expecting it in book 2; therefore again not in my feelings about it. And yes because some of the things I had predicted in books one turned out to be what I expected when revealed in The Score. However generally speaking, this book, this series just wasn’t written for me. And it’s okay. Not every book is written for every reader. It doesn’t make it bad, it just makes it not for me.

Book one ended with a cliff-hanger that had us wondering what the hell had happened, but I had a few guesses. When the truth is finally revealed, Cara is livid at Ford but she can’t deny the fear that the experience put in her.

Fortunately, the incident was enough to knock some sense into her. Her childish ways started to tamper down and she started to show more interest in her future. Although her rebellion streak didn’t quite die down, she certainly thought twice before she acted thereafter. Her calmed demeanour allowed for a more pleasant interaction with Ford and as they start to have civilised conversations, the chemistry that they’ve both been too stubborn or too busy taking lumps out of each other to pay attention to, can no longer be denied. So when Cara signs up to an activity in her quest to be a good girl, Ford is less than impressed. The green-eyed monster in him is reeling and can no longer be tamed, resulting in him doing something that changes the dynamic of their relationship completely and irrevocably.

Ford had always known Cara’s attitude was a front. She has demons she’s fought for 11 years to keep at bay. This tragic event has been implied since The Assignment and nowhere are you given a hint what it could be. And when it was finally revealed the rebellion made sense because I thought it’s a likely reaction to such an event. But the way in which it was revealed was sort of…bam! There! I don’t know. Maybe it was intended to catch the reader off guard but it felt really impersonal to me; lacking emotion. And I also wasn’t sold on how her family had dealt with her sudden change in behaviour. I mean how does a child change so drastically and nobody dig their heels in to find out what happened?

“The sneer on his face shoved me towards expelling all the pain and shame I’d carried inside me for the past eleven years, and before my brain could shut down the impulse, I released the words. Words I’d never said out load before, not even to myself.”

But fortunately Ford knows all about being leaden with burdens. He has demons of his own. Cara’s revelation puts everything into perspective for him, so naturally, he wants to help. Despite the relief she felt having finally shared her burdens with someone, she still refuses any help and continues to butt heads with Ford.

Cara is a heroine I struggled to like at all. The first book was about her throwing tantrums. She lacked character and depth albeit I got a better understanding of her behaviour after her revelations but fuck me, she was annoying.  Granted she suffered a real tragedy, but she had everything; a family that loved her, money, fame and really anything she needed to get the help she needed. Perhaps he had a reason to be angry but did it warrant her outlandish, reckless, selfish behaviour? I don’t know.  But I’m inclined to say no. There just seemed to be lacking something in her. She just seems to be there to throw tantrums and fight with Ford. If there was anything more to her, I missed it and I apologise.

“I like you Cara. A lot. And I wish things were different. I really do. But I just don’t see how this is going to work between us.”

I really didn’t believe the sexual chemistry and slow-burn love story between Ford and Cara. I like a slow-burn just as much as the next person but fuck my life, was this slow. The way they were tearing strips out of each other, there was not an iota of sexual chemistry there. The supposed bubbling-under-the-surface chemistry; well I just didn’t feel it. Although there were traits of jealousy of Cara’s encounters with men on Ford’s part, every now and then, I wish there was more. There just weren’t enough details to major events in the story. I suppose I could see how they can go from tearing strips out of each other to tearing each other’s clothes off; but even that wasn’t very convincing. The story felt a bit rushed half the time and I wish the supporting characters were developed a bit more. They seem to just disappear and pop up every now and then. Nonetheless, it was great to see Cara grow from the annoying little girl from book one

When Emily, Cara’s twin sister finds herself in a bit of a bind, she drops a bomb shell on the group that offsets the starts of events none of them were ready to deal with. But could it be a blessing in disguise or the end of life the way they knew it?

This was a bit of weird book for me. I finished it, liked some things about it, but not enough that I’d read it again.

“I should have let her cool off for the night.

And I certainly should’ve kept my distance and not followed her up the stairs, down the hall, and into her bedroom. It was one of the biggest mistakes I’d made to date.”

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