He thinks he’s broken me. That I’m finally under his complete control. But I’m biding my time, gathering intel, making plans, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. So, when an unexpected savior appears—offering me a way out—I grasp it with both hands.

But the man I love refuses to let me go, and he’s hell-bent on protecting me at all costs.

Except he’s far too late.

Kaiden’s betrayal fuels the anger flowing through my veins, and now our roles are reversed—I’m the hunter, and he’s my prey. I enjoy torturing him, lying to him, and letting him believe in false truths that were never our reality.

Until the stakes are raised, and I’m forced into playing their game again. Only this time, it’s not just my life hanging in the balance.

I thought he’d done his worst. That he didn’t have the power to hurt me anymore.

But I was wrong.

His depravity knows no bounds, and now, he’s taken everything from me.

This time, it means war, and I’m taking no prisoners.

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Series: Rydeville High Elite #2

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥+

I honestly can’t think of any series of books where I enjoyed the second book just as much, if not more than the initial book. I didn’t think it could get any better than book one. But Siobhan was NOT fucking around when she wrote this. I know I’ve said this before, but I am more convinced than ever…she is CRAZY!! And she is quickly becoming my favourite author of all time. She wrote the shit out of this book. I don’t even know how to review this because I just can’t believe what I just read. There is a cliff-hanger and for the first time ever I’m very grateful for it. I needed a break from this mind-fuckery that I loved very much. I especially loved the shout out Siobhan did to Shantel Tessier. That’s some sisterhood right there.  I guess crazy does recognize crazy.

We pick again when Abigail wakes up in an asylum of some sort. Battered, drugged and held prisoner following the revelation on that cliff-hanger in book 1. Two pages in and there was already an intense moment when Abigail got that envelope from her dad. Immediately I went

But of course we don’t find out right there and then the contents of that envelop. Anyway, we go on in the story and at this point I am not sure what to make of Charlie. You remember in book one he seemed legit right? He’s always been sweet, quiet and seemingly the more sensible one of the old money heirs. But if you read my last review, I didn’t know what to make of him in that cliff-hanger. So when he comes to Abby’s rescue I’m thinking, okay maybe he’s alright.

So I keep reading and eventually Kai and Abby are reconciled. As expected, there is some furniture moving considering the events of that night. But when Abby finally decides to come clean to Kai about what happened during her captivity

My reaction was

As if the bombshell about the babies wasn’t bad enough, when she went to give an explanation for her body change

I just couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Anyway, eventually Abby is forced to move back to Rydeville with Charlie of course.  I’m becoming more and more suspicious of him at this point. Shit is coming out of the wood works about his shadiness and its becoming more and more apparent that everybody has betrayed Abigail in one way or another. That girl is alooooone, alone, alone. Nonetheless, she needs their help to get her revenge on her father. So she puts her anger on ice while they put their heads together to out their father. In pursuit of information to bury her dad, Abby asks Trent’s mother some questions.

You are never ready for the discoveries she makes. This was my face the whole time I was reading that bit

First of all, can we just take time to consider for a moment Abigail’s father. I’ve known since book one just how evil that man is. Remember that incident in the library/office in book one? The shit he did to his own daughter? But that motherfucker outdid himself in this book! There are no words in the English vocabulary to describe the evil that man is. NONE! The shit he did to get Abigail’s mom to marry him?

Anyway, I keep reading thinking, “there can’t be no more shit Siobhan can write that can shock me”. But fuck. Me. When the secret about how Kai’s mom died came out, I was floored. And then I thought

and then

Kai, Abby and Jackson.

Abby said Kai was being a good friend. What the fuck kind of friendship requires such ridiculousness? Listen I know there are some people who are exhibitionists and shit. But fuck my life. ABIGAIL!

I’m sure at this point you’re thinking

Well, I’m glad you asked.  Christmas day rolls around and they all get together at Abby’s family home. Immediately I think

Anyway, dinner comes and goes. And when I read the words “Father ushers us all into the burgundy living room. I frown as I spot the projector and screen that’s set up in the room”.

I braced myself right there and then and I thought

I mean I had to take a breather to calm my heart that was beating with anxiety. At this point I’d forgotten it’s just a book. Child, when that video started playing, I thought

And when it was revealed how they got that video;

My heart just broke for Abigail and just when I thought this is it. It can’t get any worse than this;

That motherfucker Charlie. It’s always the quiet once isn’t? I wanted to jump into those pages and BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HIM.

Just while I’m steel reeling over this, that bastard called Abby’s father dropped that bombshell of the extent to which he really fucked Abby over at that hospital…this was me.

And then of couse that cliff-hanger. For which I’m very grateful. Siobhan, please do us a favour and kill Charlie very slowly in book 3. I’ve got to give up to Abigail. That girl is strong. The shit she’s been through is enough to break a lesser woman. I don’t how she’s still standing. I’ll leave it there. Children, read this book.

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