When I was fifteen, a single bullet changed my life. I spent the next decade trying to outrun the devastation of my past, building an empire that would shield me from whatever life could throw at me.

But all the money in the world couldn’t help me when I found a screaming newborn abandoned on my doorstep.

I’d never wanted to be a father. Passing the sludge that ran through my veins down to an innocent child seemed like a tragedy. But there she was—pink cheeks, red hair, and mine.

Somehow, against all logic, that little girl became the best thing that ever happened to me. It was impossible to stay lost in the past when I was the only one who could protect her future.

Which is exactly why, when her mother came back four years later, I was ready for battle.

If only I could stop myself from falling in love with her during the war.

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Series: Regret

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

“The only reason I hate you is because I can’t figure out how to fucking hate you at all”

Remember when we were talking about Written with Regret and I advised ya’ll to send the kids to Beth and Paula’s house? Yeah, you’re going to have to do it again. As we dive into book 2 of the Regret Duet to continue Caven and “Hadley’s (Willow) story. I found myself devouring this book like I was being paid for it. This is one of those stories that suck you in, take over your life and leave you foaming at the mouth long after you flipped the last page. Very rarely do I come across a book where I’m torn between skimming the pages and wanting to read every single word because I really want to know what happens next but I don’t want to miss any detail leading to that reveal.

“I have news for you. I felt absolutely nothing for your sister. But you…you had me. Hook, line, and sinker.”

After four months of spending time with Hadley and getting to know her, Caven still can’t explain this soul-deep feeling of familiarity that tethers him to her. Having decided to forgive and give Hadley the benefit of the doubt, they spend a night together. Having struggled with long term relationships out of fear of having to disclose his past, Caven can’t help but be drawn to Hadley, who not only shares the most traumatic event of his life, but has full knowledge of his demons. All his life it seems the universe has enjoyed throwing his life into chaos. Just as he starts to get his head above water with Hadley, the unexpected discovery of just how deep that his history with Hadley actually went throws him for a loop. This truth once again, takes him out at the knees; opening up a flood gate of shit he never would have guessed in a million years.

“In your head, I want to be the woman you were falling in love with, not a reminder of that horrible, horrible day”.

While I general perceive that “Hadley’s actions and intensions as honourable, there is no denying what a fuck up of things she’s made with her lying and deceit; not to mention illegal plan. She’s been in love with Caven since she was 8 years old. But when he finally discovers her best kept secret, it is clear that she’s lost the only man she’s ever loved and her motive for her elaborate scheme, because she’s not who she claimed to be. As fate would have it, her life is endangered as a result of her ridiculous plan. So Caven is forced to put his anger aside long enough to listen to her. Anger turns into passion, which leads to kisses, steamy make up sessions and more.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I have a bad, bad feeling about all of this. I need you to get out of here and take our girl so that she’s safe while I figure out the rest”.

Their history should cause them to be as far away from each other as possible, but that same history is what draws them to each other, strengthening them to face the betrayal that is yet to come.

As they start to mend their relationship, face their childhood traumas together, and come to a place where they can finally build a life of peace, love and happiness, the universe serves them another bowl of hot steaming shit. Even I didn’t see this one coming. Because the story is told from both Caven and Hadley’s points of view, we get to see how Hadley explains the clusterfuck that is her life, as well as what Caven makes of it all.

I really enjoyed this book.  There was a lot, and I mean a lot of drama and lots of suspense. The writing style was amazing; both characters were equally represented. I didn’t feel like one had more to say that the other. I thought the supporting characters could have done with some beefing up, especially Trent. After his bombshell, the story started to speed up a bit, leaving me with questions of just how deeply involved he was in the shooting, how he got into the house after Caven’s called etc. Fortunately it was the end of the story, so I’m not tripping. I must say I’m really happy all my questions from Written with Regret were answered satisfactorily. I must however say, for a romance book, I didn’t get enough romance in it and even less sexual chemistry. Not necessarily wrong, just a personal preference. I like my books dirty and this was very kosher for my liking.

“I’m here, Caven. If you want to call. Text. Come over. Yell at me. Whatever you need. I’m here. But I’m begging you. Please, whatever you do, just don’t forget how it felt when we were together”.

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